Theodore Roosevelt's Accomplishments

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The Nobel Peace Prize of 1906 was awarded to Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States of America for his negotiations of peace in the Russo-Japanese war. This is only one of his many achievements while being in office. Despite being born into a privileged family, Roosevelt was a sickly child, but through determination, he was able to rid himself of his asthma and follow extensive physical strengthening routines. Graduating from Harvard, but not quite finishing Columbia Law, Roosevelt began his political journey as a representative in the New York Assembly to later become the president. Once in power, his accomplishments of progressive legislation in the US, expansion of foreign government, and his charisma was what led him …show more content…

Firstly, Roosevelt became a figure known as the “trust-buster” because of his trust busting. This happened when Roosevelt told his Justice to break up Northern Securities, a railroad association that held most of the shares in the railroad business, because their connected business halted trade. An already existing law before Roosevelt’s presidency, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, was used to fight the Northern Securities in the Supreme Court. Along with the federal government’s win, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act was then used to trust bust more cases due to Roosevelt’s decision. In addition, Roosevelt also created the Meat Inspection Act. It was passed to adulterate meat products that were misleadingly labeled or made in poor conditions. He felt strongly about passing this act because he was astonished of the working conditions and meat handling described in The Jungle, by Upton Sinclairs. Following the Meat Inspection Act was the Pure Food and Drug Act that would prevent hazardous situations for his citizens. Another of his noted achievements within the United States was his conservation of nature. He set aside around 230 million acres of public land to be conserved and establish refuge for birds. Overall, many of his accomplishments happened …show more content…

Determination is what carried Roosevelt to produce all his history-altering decisions. Many of the things he did were for humanitarian efforts. The Meat Inspection Act made food conditions better for consumers and was one of the examples of trust busting, which broke monopolies to give equal chances. It showed his trust in his independency as he was one of few who was convinced to pass the law, but he could persuade others to see his way. The national parks he created were made because, although he hunted as a sport, he saw that nature needed to be cultivated for future generations. Roosevelt was an intellectual, charming man who could talk a man’s ear off and give a powerful speech, even if he has been shot. Frankly, the person he was, is what determined his

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