Jean Piaget's Theory Of Socialization

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You being born into this world would be considered a once in a lifetime event, but socialization doesn’t work that way. Socialization isn’t a short-term event, nor something that happens once in our lives, it’s something that continues to occur as we go on throughout life. As society changes, we change as people and this alters socialization all throughout life, making it a lifelong process. Current laws, rules, and other age norms have a lot to do with socialization and how it changes throughout life. Unfortunately, we’re not stuck in our 20’s and 30’s , so altering our socialization roles are required when going into new stages of our lives. The three major stages we go through is schooling ages, working ages, and retirement ages, and it’s…show more content…
One psychologist in particular Erik Erickson believed that the self-development theory included 8-stages of development because he believed personality continued to change over time and was never truly finished. Another psychologist, Jean Piaget, believed the development of one’s self involves a negotiation between the world as it exists in one’s mind and the world that exists as it is experienced socially throughout life. George Herbert Mead believed the theories of self development was developed through social interaction and being able to views one’s self as others see them. Carol Gilligan’s research included how boys and girls understanding of morality may be different. Lawrence Kohlberg was interested in how moral development was an important part in the socialization process; he included three levels in his theory, preconventional, conventional, and postconventional. Of all the ideas listed, I believe Erik Erikson had the closest description of my socialization because everyday I’m growing, learning, experiencing, different things in life that are making me a different person from today than I was yesterday. Socialization is something that changes everyday because things in society never stay the same. People are changing, our environment is changing, it’s all a cycle apart of…show more content…
Agents of socialization would be descried as religion, family, peers, mass media, and schools. Institutional agents are known as high-status, specific agents who occupy relatively high positions in the multiple dimensional stratification system, and they’re well positioned to provide key forms of social and institutional support. One agent of socialization would be religion; this is so essential because it’s your faith and what you believe in. It helps us to stay focused and live our lives the right way. Socialization is formed through family, which is also believed to be one of the most important agents because initially when we’re first born all we have is our family and they’re ultimately responsible for teaching us right and wrong as an infant. Our family teaches us to care for ourselves, and function as individuals in a society should. Peers also have a lot to do with socialization, peer groups, as a child, gives them an opportunity to learn things without depending on family for answers and form relationships on their own terms. It’s often when you see a change in behavior from when a child is around their parents and their peers. Mass media makes it easy for things and different information to get to society. A lot of things shown through media ultimately influence our thoughts because it’s something we’ve seen or
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