Crohn's Disease Case Study

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Crohn’s Disease condition was named after an American gastroenterologist, Dr.Burrill Bernard Crohn, in 1932.(Campos).Dr.Burrill Bernard Crohn’s dedication to treat inflammatory bowel diseases also came from his close friendship with Dr. Jesse Shapiro who worked at the Mount Sinai Hospital, that was also diagnosed with the disease himself (Campos). Crohn’s disease is a inflammatory bowel diseases that cause chronic inflammation and damage in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The GI tract is responsible for digestion of food, absorption of nutrients, and elimination of waste(Colitis Foundation). Crohn’s disease can affect any part of the intestine, it mostly affects the ileum or the lower part of the small intestine. Inflammation causes swelling of the ileum which, in turn, causes immense pain and discomfort(Fordham). As someone whose sister was recently diagnosed with this disease I have seen how much this …show more content…

Crohn’s Disease symptoms can vary in different many ways. It just depends on which part of your gut is effected. Symptoms most likely include some severe pain in your abdomen area. Other symptoms can include weight loss, fever, fatigue , loss of blood, diarrhea, skin and rash inflammation(Nordqvist). Not all complications and symptoms happen in the GI tract. Some people develop symptoms that are related to the disease but affect other parts of the body such as your skin and bones. Such as eye redness , mouth sourness, joint swelling and pains, skin rashes and bumps, and symptoms occurring in your bones, liver and kidney stones. Some female patients may also experience having a harder time being able to have children(Colitis Foundation). Patients who are diagnosed with crohn's disease are not able to consume certain food or it will flare up their symptoms. Such as spicy foods, dairy products, bulky grains , alcohol and

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