Crohn's Disease

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With attention to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, Crohn’s disease is one of the many common cases. Crohn’s disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disorder that both men and woman are equally susceptible too. This disease is often confused with other gastrointestinal disorders with similar symptoms. With this disease being a part of the GI tract, there are many signs that can lead up to Crohn’s. An individual with Crohn’s disease could have been obtained through genetics or the environment, which could lead to many other complications that can affect the entire digestive tract. Being that genetics plays a big role in the effects on Crohn’s disease, this condition tends to cluster in families which causes increased risk factors. Often …show more content…

It is almost impossible to know all areas of any given environment where you can become contaminated by this disease. Crohn’s is most likely to develop in urban and industrialized areas (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2014). Many are unaware that people who smoke put the environment at an even higher risk, substances from smoking can increase the risk of an individual and individuals around them getting the disease. Studies have shown that people are put at an increased risk of developing Crohn’s disease from smoking, and research shows that smoking can lead to severe symptoms of the disease (Smoking and IBD, 2014). Bacteria and viruses are spread throughout an environment on a daily basis, which can trigger symptoms of an individual with the disease. Just like most diseases, Crohn’s can be acquired by consuming bacteria from the disease or catching a virus that may lead to …show more content…

According to the Mayo Clinic staff (2014), chronic inflammation can create ulcers in the digestive system, located anywhere from the mouth to the anus, and also the genital area. Inflammation to the lining of the stomach, can lead to scars that can spread throughout the bowel wall completely. Mayo Clinic Staff (2014) state that Crohn’s causes the intestinal wall to become thickened as time goes by, which prevents food from digesting properly due to blockage making it hard for stools to pass by. Mucosa is what protects the stomach, by having Crohn’s, excess mucous is being produced which can make an individual feel as if they are always needing to go to the bathroom. That feeling usually leads to just passing excessive amounts mucous throughout the anus, which can be a sign of constipation. When the colon becomes affected by Crohn 's disease, it increases your risk of having colon cancer (Mayo Clinic Staff,

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