There Will Come Soft Rains Ray Bradbury Analysis

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Devices would be constantly flickering and machines continually humming in a life full of technology. Imagine, a time of artificial emotions, addiction, and technology crowding upon you and influencing your every move. Choices of pastime would be overshadowed by the massive contour of technology. Your life would depend on it, feeding of its convenient payoffs. In the present world, technology is on an uprise. Soon, people will start to heavily depend on it’s offers. Jobs, hobbies, and education are being drastically altered by its presence. An author, Ray Bradbury, who lived throughout the twentieth and twenty first century, warned society about his opinions of technology through his characters in the narratives he wrote. Diction, dialogue, …show more content…

Bradbury uses diction to represent how technology ripped people apart and destroyed their personalities. “The Pedestrian” states, “Sudden grey phantoms seemed to manifest upon inner room walls where a window in a tomb-like building was still open.” In this excerpt of the narrative, Bradbury used diction to symbolize death, which shows how the character’s personalities deteriorated from the use of technology. Likewise, the diction shows how people were glued apart in separate tombs. In “There Will Come Soft Rains”, another narrative, Bradbury used diction to show how the house was destroyed by nature because of its technological elements. The short story states, “The fire burst the house and let it slam flat down, puffing out skirts of spark and smoke.” When the fire, which represented nature, angrily destroyed the house, it showed how nature will always triumph over technology. Using complex diction in this section showed how Bradbury proved the house became too technologically advanced and had to die, ultimately demonstrating the negative effect of technology upon the house. In the narratives, diction helped convey the negative effects of technology on the

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