Thesis Of The Thirteen American Argument By Howard Fineman

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A Debating Democracy America has been built on the principle that everyone has a voice and that everyone should use it, this leads to an innumerable amount of arguments, some that still persist. In The Thirteen American Arguments by award-winning writer, NBC Analyst, and American journalist, Howard Fineman, the author outlines what he believes are the thirteen most fundamentals arguments in U.S history. These thirteen arguments as well the numerous others are the building blocks of democracy and debate in our country. One of the ideals that makes this country unique, is the value of free speech. Everyone has the freedom to make their voice heard to the rest of the country. Fineman states, “We are the Arguing Country, …show more content…

Fineman claims, “The Thirteen American Arguments bitterly divide us, but they also define, inspire, and ultimately unite us by bestowing legitimacy on hard-fought deals. They are the force that make us whole and who we are,” (4). In the quote Fineman makes it clear that the arguments divide the country, it makes people pick sides. But that divide also creates and reserves the democracy this country has worked so hard to progress. The issues that divide the country, abortion rights and gun controls, although seem unsolvable are what push America together and towards a better …show more content…

Fineman declares, “We are not a country of rigid ideologies, but of real, permanent conflicts,” (14). Fineman believes that America and its citizens do not have mindsets and ideals that are set in stone but those that are constantly flowing and changing. This is what cause so many arguments and clashes over certain topics. The ever-changing opinions of American citizens is what reenergizes our democracy and allows it to continue

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