Things That Make Up Your Cultural Identity

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When you talk about your cultural identity, not everyone will have the same things in common. The main things that make up my cultural identity is my age, gender, the music I listen to, the food I eat, and the state I live in. Somethings we will have in common, but no two people will have everything in common. Everybody’s cultural identity will be different, even if you are siblings. Things about your cultural identity makes you different from others even if you are family. Gender is something that makes everyone’s cultural identity different depending on where you live. In other places people might not think that a female hunting is normal but down here it is a normal thing. Being a girl, people think that I should be wearing dressed and always looking nice. But that is far from how I am, I like to go mud…show more content…
People think that teenagers my age should have jobs to have money instead of asking the parents. Personally that is what my parents expect, they want me to have responsibilities. But honestly that is something I struggle with, by trying to juggle school and other activities. Living in Louisiana, music plays a big part in your culture. Most people listen to country music which is my favorite especially old country music. Now do not get me wrong I do like R&B and hip hop too. That is what makes me different then most of my family. Most people think me being cajun means all I listen to is country music but that is not true. Food is another part of my culture being that I live in Louisiana. We have lots of special foods that pertain to Louisiana, like crawfish. Most people from other states think that us eating crawfish is a weird thing. I personally like cajun spices in my food while other in my family do not. Which is another thing that makes us different from each other. I also like things like gumbo, jambalaya and boudin which some people would not know what that
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