How Does Voodoo Affect Haitian Culture

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Haiti is the pearl of the Caribbean. Haiti is a country located on the island of Hispaniola, next to the Dominican Republic. African slaves were taking to Haiti by the French, since the French could not communicate with the slaves in their native language, the French masters forced the slaves to learn how speak French. After a war, where the African slaves revolted. The French lost and left Haiti and the slaves still spoke French. The African slaves in Haiti today are known has Haitians. The Haitian culture is a very colorful. It is a mix of African and European due to the French colonizing Haiti. Evidence of the Haitian culture being colorful is in its language music and food. The French influences in Haiti are present in their cuisine, but more so it is representative of their location in the Caribbean. However, Haitians have their own flavor as a result of the lack of Spanish influence on their island compared to others in the Caribbean. The cooking style …show more content…

Voodoo is widely practiced in Haiti. Voodoo consists of a mix of Central and Western African, European, and Native American (Taíno) religions. Misconceptions about voodoo have given Haiti a reputation for sorcery and zombies. Voodoo specialists, male houngan, and female manbo, mediate between humans and spirits through divination and trance. They diagnose illnesses and reveal the origins of other misfortune. They can also perform rituals to appease spirits or ancestors or to repel magic. Many voodoo specialists are accomplished herbalists who treat a variety of illnesses. Protestantism is one of the minority religions in Haiti. Protestantism has been around in Haiti since the earliest days of the republic. By the mid-nineteenth century, small numbers of Protestant missions, principally Baptist, Methodist, and

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