A Rhetorical Analysis Of Margaret Thatcher's Eulogy Thatcher

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The loss of a nation's leader is a tremendous blow the people's stability, and induces a painful reflection on how the state suffered, shifted, grew, and healed under their authority. The United States faces such a blow after Ronald Reagan's Passing, and while he passed nonviolently his departure forced up uneasy memories of an weak era in united states History. Regan was beloved by the people for his hand in healing nationwide fear induced by the the looming threat of nuclear weaponry and a shaky economy. With Reagan no longer living much of the people were left with a sense that a security blanket has been ripped from under the nations soil. Margaret Thatcher, a past prime minister of Great Britain and dear friend of Regan’s delivered a heart throbbing eulogy to …show more content…

Thatcher applied numerous rhetorical strategies such as metaphor, juxtaposition, and applying emotional appeal throughout her speech which aided Thatcher in taking steps to heal the mourning nation as a …show more content…

Throughout the entirety of the speech Thatcher builds Regan up as not marley a powerful leader but a man of unshakable character. Thatcher highlights both these aspects of Reagan's character by stating “He sought to mend America’s wounded spirit, to restore the strength of the free world.” (5-7) In painting Regan as a healing figure over the american people as well as the entirety of the free world Thatchers leaves little room for listeners to skew Regan in an negative light. Emplainting Metaphor into her speech allowed Thatcher's to create such an effect, honoring the fallen president to the utmost high extent. Such statements left Regan encompassed by his strong morality, and decimated any non benevolent notions of the President. Suffering from the devastating loss, the american people grasped at such high spoken words of Reagan, healing though the positive memories of his legacy

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