Thomas Alva Edison: The Lightbulb Success Story

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Thomas Alva Edison – The Lightbulb success story

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work”, Thomas Alva Edison

Can you imagine our life before there was light? How would you have gone about living and working without illumination? It would have limited us to a life of inactivity and slumber. Prior to the invention of the light bulb, lamp oils were burnt or we used kerosene and natural gas to see and manage our lives in the dark. Pretty dangerous, wouldn’t you think? How did people manage or how could you have managed in these modern times?

Thanks to the due diligence and relentless perseverance of one man, Thomas Edison, as historians argue, along with other genius scientists inventors; we now have a practical and affordable alternative to using kerosene lamps for home illumination. Edison’s ingenuity led to the invention of one of the most used commodity in the present time. Light bulbs now come in different shapes, sizes and characteristics. One of the well-known inventors of his time, Edison was a man of due diligence and sheer determination. His revolutionary “light bulb design” that he leapt him into fame hood was after numerous failed attempts. With each foiled effort, his relentless hard work brought him a step closer to perfecting his dream. Edison was a man of perseverance and truly an …show more content…

Sad to say, my career was so demanding and powerful that even though I had a plethora of friends and influences, I chose to be associated with a few, one of whom was Henry Ford. The only regret I have was not to spend more time with my family. And now, I am aging, I am trying to slow down…to “smell the flowers” and relax. I particularly enjoy relaxing in my office playing my pipe organ or reading the mail of my admirers. But I vowed that I would work until I die, my laboratory was my home, my sanctuary, my safe

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