Thomas Jefferson First Inaugural Address Analysis

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Summaries: First Inaugural Address As Jefferson takes office he hopes to bring peace with other nations while also advancing American civilization. He acknowledges the brutal nature of the election of 1800. This shows he is aware of its importance for history. Jefferson speaks on ideals on the American people with frequent references to the freedom of man and freedom of speech. “[T]hat the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression”. While he knows that the election was important and brutal, it is also crucial that the people not see the government as wicked and the creator of bloody persecutions. “Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle” The time has come to focus on American commerce and industry and work with such in mind. Jefferson has a set of goals to attain as president. He will go on to accomplish most of them but as with many presidents, will unfortunately not be able to undertake all of them before his final day of office. The significance lies in Jefferson’s stated hopes and goals for the country. He hopes to lead America to become a globally respected power while also resolving some of the turmoil that plagues that states domestically. Letter to John Holmes…show more content…
Next, the checks and balances system are discussed and how it suggests regulations for the government. Jefferson makes a note towards the significance of independence and how it is ideal to allow the people handle it. Later, he states the release of the imprisoned or fined with the power of pardon. The case of Marbury and Madison is discussed and he states his ability to retain the commissions being transported. His final point is that the branches of government should be able to determine their obligation under the Constitution and not be concerned of the other
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