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Samuel Hood
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Thomas Jefferson Bio

Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743, at Shadwell Plantation, his home near Charlottesville ,Virginia. Thomas grew up with both of his parents and lived as one of the most prominent family of Virginia’s planter elite. Jane R. Jefferson, Thomas’ mother, was a descendant of a royal scottish and British family, known as the Randolphs. His father, Peter Jefferson, however, wasn’t a descendant of royalty, but a successful farmer and skilled surveyor and cartographer who mass produced the first accurate map of Virginia. Thomas had 9 siblings and was the third youngest of the ten.

Thomas spent most of his childhood freetime playing in the woods, learning the violin, and reading. He then began his education at the age of nine years old. He began learning Latin and Greek. He went to a private school ran by Reverend William Douglas, a scottish reverend of St. James Northam Parish. He later took literature classes with James Maury, another reverend, who he later described as a classical scholar. …show more content…

It is the second oldest college in America, right after Harvard. After three years of William and Mary, Jefferson left to take law under Wythe. At that time, law schools weren’t around, so Jefferson decided to ‘read law’ with Wythe. He studied law for 6 years then finally decided to move one, he was already one to the most studied lawyers in America. During this time, he met and fell in love with a recent widow of a rich family. He name was Martha Skelton. They married on January 1, 1772. They then later had a total of six children. 4 out of the six children did not survive into adulthood. The two that survived are Martha, their first born, and Mary, the fourth

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