My Belief Without Thurgood Marshall

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It my belief without Thurgood Marshall we would still be riding in the back of the bus going to separate schools and drinking “colored water”. The quote was from Benjamin Hooks. The quote was from NAACP executive director Benjamin Hooks who talked about Thurgood Marshall and what he did to stop segregation in Little Rock in the 50s and how he hired William Coleman a chairman of NAACP legal defense to take his place from his death. He had help to stop segregation at Little Rock Marshall died of heart failure on Jan 24 1993 at age 84 and was regarded by important lawyer of the century and h appointed Lyndon Johnson as supreme court and he championed the rights of the poor and downtrodden. The cause of his death he had hired new people to take his place with a great attorney in the 40s and 50s Marshall logged 50,000 miles a court that was very officially sanctioned racial discrimination. He won 29 of the 32 …show more content…

Board of Education which outland school segregation in 1954. He help to stop segregation in the for students to be safe. Randall Kennedy has help for racial equality Marshall and Randall are both the same because they both help stop racial. He has help in our life to stop racial segregation. Then comes the final part about Thurgood Marshall. Marshall weathered a heart attack blood clots and glaucoma he died so they are remembering him and how much he help to stop racial. Today segregation is no longer in the United States any race is able to go to the same school, store or restaurant. William Rehnquist embrace Marshall so being a great person and working with great people, Remembering the most important thing about Thurgood Marshall.
The quote was a remembering of Marshall, Thurgood Marshall was a great person and he will be remembered for what he

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