Tim O Brien The Things They Carried Summary

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During the War young men were taken away from fully experiencing their adolescence lives and were sent to fight in war. In the short story, “The things they carried” by Tim O’Brien, the narrator discusses his personal experience in the Vietnam War along with his fellow soldiers. He tells the story in an unusual way when he shares parts of his story from past and changes to present which allows the reader to feel the emotions and experience what each soldier went through and learn more about the characters personalities. O’ Brien uses an unusual narrative technique that allows the reader to visualize the experiences they went through such as death and guilt. Throughout the story we also learn more about the characters personalities and the importance …show more content…

Each soldier carried a rucksack that weighed between 15-20 pounds. “The things they carried were largely determined by necessity” (O’ Brien 108). Since they were at war they all carried basic necessities such as “can openers, pocket knives, heat tabs, and etc.…Together, these items weighed between 15 and 20 pounds”. The items carried were basic need for them to survive and personal items that were required for physical and emotional reasons. For example Henry Dobbins who was a bigger man carried extra rations of food to help maintain his metabolism balanced. Dave Jensen, who was a dental hygienist carried more hygiene products to help him stay clean. All this item carried by the soldier would not be possible if they didn’t have a rucksack. Without their rucksack the soldiers would not be able to make it through the war if they didn’t have their rucksacks to help them carry their personal necessities and other items needed for war. Personally this is where I can relate to the soldiers because as a college student I carry a variety of material needed for college. If it weren’t for my backpack I would not be able to carry all my books and other necessary things for class, along with food and other items that help me make it through the day. The rucksack was a necessity item needed for the soldier to make it through war. Just like how soldiers needed their rucksacks to help them carry their things to continue moving through the war. Student like me also require of their backpacks to help them carry their necessities for school and make it through the day. Each soldier at war carried a variety of necessities either required for fight in the war or for personal and emotional

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