What Is The History Of The Titan Atlas

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What is the history of the Titan Atlas? Atlas is one of the six children of Gaia (Mother Earth) and Uranus. Atlas means Endures or Dares. Atlas is the Titan of Astronomy, Navigation and Endurance. His symbol is the globe. Atlas is the God of strength, weightlifting, and heavy burdens. When the Trojan War began Atlas, the leader of the Titans, charged into Mount Olympus and warned his competing Olympian gods. As punishment Zeus, the king of Mount Olympus, made him carry the weight of the heavens and the earth on his shoulders and back forever. One day Hercules comes along and says "I need some help getting some apples, and while you 're gone I will hold the weight of the earth and the heavens on my back and shoulders." Atlas agrees and he goes and gets …show more content…

The Hyades were the ones that brought the rains in Greek Mythology. The Hyades were Ambrosia, Coronis, Eudora, Phaesyla, and Polyxo. Hyas was the Hyades only brother. Hyas was placed as one of the constellations, the lion, because he was killed hunting the lion or a boar. The Hersperides were the goddess-nymphs of the evening and the golden light of sunsets. The Hersperides were Aegle which means sunlight, Erythea which means Red, Arethusa which means War-Swift, Hesperethusa which means Evening-Swift, Hespera which means Evening, Lipara which means Perservence, Asterope which means Starry-Faced, Chrysothemis which means Golden Custom. They were the keepers of certain precious valuables of the gods. They were also the goddesses of the garden of the golden apples in outermost West. The Pleiades consisted of Maia which means Good Nursing Mother, Taygete which means Of Mount Taygete, Sterope which means Flashing-Face, Asterope which means Star-Faced, Merope which means Sparkling-Face, Alcyone which means Strong Helper, Electra which means Amber-Coloured, Celaeno which means Black, Dark. They were the sisters of the Hyades. Six of them were considered visible and the seventh one invisible because of her

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