To Kill A Mockingbird: Character Analysis

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Scout is living in a world where everyone sees bBlack pPeople as enemies. They want to make them suffer as much as they can. They don’t want to see them succeed because then they would be above Whites. Scout doesn’t truly understand why people are racist towards black people. In that matter, Scout doesn’t understand a lot of things. Like when she needs to stop talking, or let her father take care of things she doesn’t need to be involved in. Scout is slowly maturing at the beginning of the book, she starts to understand stuff more and more. Jem and Dill start leaving her out of things and that makes her become more independent and do things on her own. At the beginning of To Kill A MockingBird Scout Finch is still a little 6 year old girl, she develops maturity throughout the book, she becomes more of a proper lady and that affects the people she is closest with. Scout feels very left out by Jem and dill. Jew and Dill are started to grow up and didn’t want to be around girls as much. Scout doesn’t like this and thinks that Jem and Dill don’t like her anymore. With this happening Scout became more independent on herself and she eventually became more of a lady because of this. When she was left out Atticus told her that she has to walk in somebody else 's shoes to understand them and have empathy. Scout and Jem are trying to communicate with Boo Radley through a hole in the tree. They send letters to Boo and he sends little items back to them. Once he put soaps dolls of
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