Theme Of The Other In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Research problem One of the contributions of the literary quest of identity has been the question of ‘’the other ‘more specifically its representation from the canon of the discourse of colonialism and the civil rights era’s literature. This canon has been established by substantial and well-known critical studies including ‘’ Claudia Durst Johnson ‘’, Michelle Foucault, Carter & Cranny-Francis, Paul Brown, Deborah Willis and many others In this thesis, I will analyse selected works of William Shakespeare’s ’’the Tempest’’ and Harper Lee’s’’ to kill a Mockingbird’’ which are set on the theme of ‘’the Other’’ in two different periods ‘the discourse of colonialism ‘’represented…show more content…
2: Wikipedia. Literature review « to kill a mockingbird » Since its publication, to kill a mockingbird has been widely studied by literary critics who have explored the novel with particular interests from their own points of view. The different yet changing focuses of criticism on the novel reflects the richness and the deep impact that this novel first “to Kill a Mockingbird” was treated mainly as a political novel due to the circumstances it was published in. Without a doubt, the setting plays a crucial role in determining the major events of this story. It is worth mentioning that the story has been written in the years of depression when slavery is still practiced in the district of Maycomb (Alabama, place of story). Adams (1960) remarks in his book review, The Atlantic Monthly's, that Lee has chosen the right time and place for the story in an attempt to demonstrate the racial climate of the South during that period which is in 1930s when racial segregation and discrimination still…show more content…
I will also use biographical and historical materials, using different approaches in order to establish the social and political climate in which the authors wrote. I will support my findings with a significant number of critical essays on “Otherness” in both: to Kill a Mockingbird and the Tempest.

Research limitations The main limitation of this thesis is the necessity of confining the number of works selected for this study. There are many additional stories written during that period of time .in order to examine an individual work more closely , I have elected to focus on those where the discourse of colonialism and the civil rights movement functions as either a central theme or an important backdrop
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