To Kill A Mockingbird Prejudice Quotes

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In this world we are are one race, the human race but we do not act like we are a whole. In this society we act like people are below us, this is being prejudice. In the Book “ How to kill a Mockingbird” we see many examples of how people were prejudice and see how we still are. In the book we see examples of prejudice like, Aunt Alexandra, Bob Ewell and Tom Robinson's trial. 2 In How to kill a Mockingbird, Scout's Aunt Alexandra Showed many signs of being very prejudice. She is racist, sexist and discriminates the social classes of Maycomb county. The morning after the incident at the police station, Atticus was talking about how Mr. Underwood was racist with the kids when Calpernia was in the room and when Calpernia left the room, Aunt Alexandra told Atticus not to talk about racism in front of Calpurnia because she thought she was going to go tell all her friends. She also said after Tom was found guilty and the black community was upset she said they should get over it. She is also sexist because she wants Scout to wear dresses and act more lady like. She is also discriminates the classes of Maycomb. When Scout finds out a Cunningham wanted to set Tom free, Scout wanted to invite Walter over for dinner but …show more content…

He got Tom sent to jail because his daughter tried to throw herself at him. He got his daughter to accuse him of rapeing her when she tried to be with him, and he was sent to jail and killed when he did nothing to her. After the Ewells won the trail and Tom was sent to jail he expected to be treated like an hero but was exposed as a drunk and how he beats his daughter so he vowed to get revenge against Atticus and tried to kill Scout and Jem because they supported Tom. After Tom's death Link Deas offered Tom's wife Helen a job and when she walked passed the Ewell house they would holler at her and Bob Ewell would follow her and whisper behind her to get her to stop walking passed their

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