To Kill A Mockingbird Prejudice Quotes

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Prejudice in Maycomb County is alive and well, and in To Kill A Mockingbird, there are many victims of prejudice. To Kill A Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee, is a beautifully and carefully orchestrated book that manifests the many struggles within society. Lee writes about Scout and Jem Finch, who grow up in Maycomb County, a sleepy town located in The South, during the 1930’s. Along with their friend Dill, Scout and Jem love to spy on their reclusive neighbor Boo Radley. Their father Atticus, a respected lawyer, is defending a black man by the name of Tom Robinson for alleged rape. Scout’s aunt, Aunt Alexandra, visits town to try and make Scout a lady and restore order to the household. The trial, and other types of prejudice expressed from the town, expose Scout and Jem to stereotypical …show more content…

The most prominent example of prejudice found in To Kill A Mockingbird, is prejudice against race. For the duration of the novel, racism is the theme that is most evidently found. This is because half of the novel focuses mainly on the Tom Robinson trial; and with the trial, comes an angry community full of hateful views. Cecil Jacobs implies, “My folks said your daddy was a disgrace an’ that nigger oughta hang from the water tank” (Lee 85). This quote is a reminder of the racism that portrays the South. Taking certain words from the quote such as, “My folks”, implies that racism is being taught generation after generation. The quote shows a direct link to the prejudice most of Maycomb's community has towards people of color. Cecil Jacobs furthermore states how white people discriminated against black people during the 1930’s. Bob Ewell, a witness in the testimony, and the father of Mayella Ewell, is a very racist person. In one instance, Bob describes Tom Robinson as a black, nigger, raping his Mayella. From this, there is evidence within the context that

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