To Kill A Mockingbird Scout Monologue

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Hey Mama, I love visiting Aunt Rachel in Maycomb. There is a girl here and hoowee is she sumthin’. Her name is Scout and she lives with her dad, Atticus, her brother, Jem,and her housekeeper Calpurnia. Scout is the coolest girl there is in Maycomb, and I want to marry her when I get older. I met her and Jem because Aunt Rachel is the Finch's’ neighbor. We always hang out and play together. She is different from the other girls who are prim and proper. She can hold her own with the guys and is smart and that is why I love her so. . Scout looks unlike any other girl I’ve seen. She is pretty tall, I mean she is taller than me and I am older than her. I like the fact that she is different because it’s really refreshing. You may not like this, but she wears pants and t shirts, instead of dresses, and Scout doesn’t care about getting’ dirty or playing rough. She prefers her hair short because she don’t like having’ it in her face. Her skin, because her tendency to play outside, was sun-kissed and beautifully tanned. Also rarely would her overalls be clean, in fact here may have not been a time that they were clean. Not only is she pretty, she is brave. She doesn’t take spit from no one. She beat up her cousin for calling her dad names. She speaks up when she thinks things aren’t right. She told…show more content…
Much to the dismay of some of the adults, she cusses and walks, talks , and acts like a boy. I think it has something to do with her not growing up with a woman beside Calpurnia. She could care less what her Aunt says about her needing to be a girl, or anyone for the matter of fact. Being called a “girl” is something Scout hates because Mama, she has a quick temper, and gets into fights. Have you ever met a girl like that? I am just amazed at how unique she is compared to the bland ninnies. Scout’s personality really was different and caught my heart, as her spitfire attitude and “unladylike” ways were unseen at the
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