To Kill A Mockingbird Should Not Be Read In Schools

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To Kill a Mockingbird is very controversial. Many people believe To Kill a Mockingbird should not be read in schools. However, it should be read in schools.

One of To Kill a Mockingbird’s main themes is racism. Some people want to have the book removed from being read in schools because of this. They don’t like the books view on racism. In To Kill a Mockingbird much of the racism is systemic racism. Systemic racism is racism built into a society, like the law system or employment. Tom Robinsons case was systemic racism because the court was skewed towards the white woman only because she is white. Some people say that “the messages about race and the status quo are so very outdated” (Fink 2). This is true because itself book is outdated and it has some problems, it teaches about the past, and how people felt about …show more content…

To Kill a Mockingbird “... is exactly where a young adolescent ought to learn about racism, sentiments underlying it, and the consequences it brings” (Buck 4). It can also help people, “understand the frustration in the face of injustice, conservatives who cannot grasp why a community might riot”. This is something a lot of people try to explain but can’t. The book, however, can explain. The book shows the injustice African Americans face, and it does that well. To remove the book from the school curriculum you’re supporting not teaching children the injustice they faced. It teaches a valuable lesson that is still needed today, “We spent a weekend in a circle much like those ladies in To Kill a Mockingbird, talking about oppression and considering the plight of the poor; but we took no action” (Buck something). Instead of acting against the injustice, we do nothing about it and complain about it. Having meaningless conversation about problems isn’t going to fix anything. The best way to act is, taking action, or having meaningful conversations about

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