Toilet Training Puppies

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As with all types of dog training toilet training puppies requires the owner to be consistent and patient. One needs to know that puppies will not be able to control their colon and bladder until they are 12 weeks old and will often eliminate without even noticing it. Cleaning the mess they make is a natural part of the process and it is pointless to scream at the dog or hit him for something he can't control or remember. A dog has to eliminate in the house once or twice in order to learn that it's forbidden and wrong.
Keep An Eye On The Clock
While toilet training puppies it is crucial to control the timing as well. You need to be aware that young puppies will usually want to urinate or defecate within 15 - 20 minutes after the meal. Make sure you take them out before they start to sniff and walk around. These two things are the most common signs that the dog is looking for a place to eliminate and if he won't find it fast, he will do it …show more content…

Dogs are naturally clean animals and they don't soil their sleeping area unless they are forced to.
Make sure you spend some time playing with your dog within his den or move his crate close to the place you work during the day. Your dog needs to feel safe and cosy in his new home. It is your responsibility to observe your puppy and look for the signs of "elimination time" coming. Take him out, say firmly 'do your stuff' and praise when he eliminates. This will enhance the habit of urinating and defecating outside and is a crucial element of toilet training puppies.
As soon as your dogs starts to act more reliably broaden his den or move the crate to another room. This is done to introduce him to a different part of the house and show that he can explore more if he acts responsibly and eliminates outside.
Show Him Where Is The

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