Why We Shouldn T Puppy Mills Be Banned

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Puppies, cute, and loveable puppies. How would you feel if I told you hundreds of those puppies were dying every day in pest infested, overcrowded, and diseased puppy mills? Puppy mills are one of the most common places where puppies and dogs die. That’s why puppy mills need to get banned in the United States. They make the female dogs suffer, most puppies don’t make it out alive, and they neglect and mentally abuse the dogs. One reason why puppy mills should be banned is that they make the female dogs suffer. Puppy mills take every opportunity to breed the females, usually they have little to no recovery time in between litters. Once they make them breed till they can’t anymore, they kill them. In addition, the parents of the puppy are most likely not going to make it out of the puppy mill alive. Here is where I found this information- (www.aspca.org) Another reason puppy mills should be banned is that most puppies don’t make it out alive. They have absolutely no proper health care, it’s actually common for dogs to get fatal diseases like heart or kidney disease. Adding on to that is they never clean the cages, the cages are also made out of wire so the pups scratch and completely ruin their paws. Also …show more content…

Most of the time, when the puppies are 6-8 weeks old they remove them from their pool and stuff them in a tight small cage with no other dogs. When this happens the puppies feel like they were abandoned. Also they don’t have the dogs for the quality, they have them for quantity. This also makes the owners of the dog pay for lots of vet visits, plus it can also cause a personality disorder which also may lead to the owner abandoning it. In addition, when they don’t want the dogs they give them to animal shelters, but when the animal shelters get to full they have to kill those abandoned and unwanted dogs. Here is where I found this information-

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