Teaching Your Son's Bathroom Humor

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Many kids pick up bathroom humor shortly after being potty trained; this phase can last a long time but usually diminishes when they head off to school. While this is a completely natural experience for both boys and girls of the toddler age, it can leave parents in pure disgust and shock. The first step in learning how to handle your son’s bathroom humor is to realize that there is nothing wrong with them; this is a completely normal experience you are dealing with and there are ways to manage it without totally destroying your child’s sense of humor.
Start teaching your son the proper terminology for body parts and bodily functions, keeping an open mind and having a matter-of-fact attitude towards bathroom topics from onset of bathroom humor will help minimize the appeal to your son. While you won’t have to get into the mind of a doctor, you can teach your child the proper way to address bathroom topics, using words that are not so insanely shocking to hear. The best way to educate your son on proper word usage for body parts and bodily functions is to start reading age-appropriate books that cover this topic, as young kids tend to learn best through colorful storybooks.
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Boys will have this bathroom sense of humor for years to come; it’s simply part of their wiring, so you will have to learn to be a parent who guides their son into an appropriate direction when it comes to their use of bathroom humor. Take time to giggle at your son’s jokes from time to time, so that they feel good about it and remember some children work best with any sort of attention, this means negative attention towards bathroom humor may backfire rather than mold your child into being a polite, well-mannered boy who knows the limits on bathroom

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