Tom Lies In To Kill A Mockingbird

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I am reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and I am on page 259. In this part of the book the trial begins and Mayella and Tom testify. Mayella lies about how Tom hurts her. Atticus knows that Mayella is lying and that Tom would not hurt a white woman. Unfortunatley, Mayella wins the trial and Tom is accused of raping Mayella. In this paper I will be characterizing and predicting. G-characterization of Tom Y-good worker R- Loyal -honest -good heart -kind R- Gentelmen -hard worker -brave -responsible Y-kind R-willing to help others -realistic -no power - helpful R-caring -friendly to everyone -helpful - innocent G-There are many good characteristics of Tom Robinson. Tom is a very good man and just because he is black that does not change anything. There are many good characterisics of Tom and one of them is that he is loyal. Tom is loyal because at the trial he was being honest with his actions unlike Mayella and Bob. Tom said that he would never hurt a white woman, but Mayella disagreed with him and said that he did hurt her; even though he did not. But they will …show more content…

Y-Why would Bob lie R-he does not want to get in trouble -Bob does not want to go to jail -does not want to get an even worse reputation - he does not want to be known as the man that hurt his daughter R- behaviors that show that Ewell might be lying -he has a short temper -he shows disrespect towards court -bob did not get doctor after she was rapped Y-why would Mayella lie R-to protect her father -she does not want a Blackman to win -she is embarrassed -she wants to cover her actions R-she made mistakes when she was with Tom -she is afraid her father will beat her -she showed interest in Tom -she touched him in ways that were not aloud G-There are multiple reasons why Bob and Magellan might have

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