Tomato Day In Looking For Alibrandi

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Looking for Alibrandi is about a teenage girl Josephine Alibrandi experiencing what it’s like to be an Italian- Australian. A significant event in the novel that shows the experience of being an Australian is the Italian Tomato day. It is the tradition for Italian families to have tomato day this event demonstrates the experience of being Australian because it shows the reader what it’s like to have two cultures. It also shows how Italian people adapt to their culture.

Looking for Alibrandi introduces Josephine Alibrandi and her Italian family celebrating a special occasion of called Tomato Day. This novel gives an understanding of the relationships between Josie and her family. Tomato day is a significant event because this is an Italian tradition when everyone comes together as a family and makes their special pasta and sauce. In chapter 19 in looking for Alibrandi Josie and her family hand pick the tomatoes to make the pasta sauce. The technique, tone shows us that Josie is embarrassed to be a part of Tomato Day. Josie always dreaded the family gatherings and couldn’t wait to go to Bondi with her friends and ditch Tomato day. Her friends always gave Josie a hard time about having to stay. Tomato day is a massive event which is spent with your family outside. Imagery is used in this chapter as Josie calls tomato day “national wog day”. This is a special Italian tradition when you sit outside crushing tomatoes and listening to the same 1950’s Italian music playing over

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