Tornado Warning By Amy Wright Analysis

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Tornado Warning: What are we really afraid of? Many people fear change that they usually want stability and comfort. However, they can be harmful in some ways. In Amy Wright’s poem “Tornado Warning,” she describes how the people in the village are getting isolated not only by the tornado but also by their attitude. The tornado figuratively represents immigrants and their culture, which the people are afraid of. The author especially focuses on the people’s reaction and interaction among themselves as the tornado is coming and passing by: they feel lonely, isolated, and segmented from each other. Amy Wright uses imagery, symbolism, and irony to give the readers a message that people should not fear the new change or the immigrants because they can be stimuli for further development and auspicious future with interactive and cooperative generations. The very first literary element Wright uses in the poem is imagery, which she uses to describe the big, apparently simple picture of what is going on. She starts off talking about the siren sounding. The siren means the tornado is already very close and nearby. The window of the windowless first-floor copy room may have been destroyed by the tornado, but for sure, it is not the same as before and after the tornado came. The copy room is not on second or third floor, but first floor, which indicates that it would be usually a very busy place with full of people. Now, the place is dead just as people’s everyday lives have been
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