Totalitarian Regime In George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'

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Animal Farm George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm reveals the truth about the Soviet Union and Stalin’s totalitarian regime in the 20th century. In the novel some of the main characters are pigs named Napoleon, Snowball and Squealer. In addition to the pig some characters are Boxer, Clover, Benjamin, Mollie and Mr. Jones. The story takes place on Mr. Jones farm that they overruled because they wanted to have an independent rule. The pigs decide to make themselves the leaders and lie to many of the other animals that the pigs know best and make up reasons to prove how they are the best. Having only one point of view can make it so that people only have it their way which is what happens on the farm. Animal Farm connects to the Soviet Union because when Stalin took over he lied to many of the people so he could get into power. The pigs leadership proves how a corrupt system of government can turn bad if the citizens don’t know any better. An example of the corrupt system is when the pigs take advantage by lying to the animals who don’t completely understand the system. The first example is when the pigs tell the animals that they need the milk and apples because they need it to help them with being great leaders, “Many of us actually dislike milk and apples[...]Our soul object in taking these things is to preserve our …show more content…

Orwell proves what a totalitarian government can do to a society and how it affects it. Orwell message is saying that the citizens of a community must stand up for what they think and not let the leaders around you take over your thoughts. In Animal Farm we find how the animals can be taken advantage of for many reasons such as chanting a saying or being scared of getting in trouble. In conclusion Animal Farm proves how a totalitarian government can take control of a country if the citizens don’t know

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