Totilla Sun Analysis

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“ To be in your child's memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.”
In both Confetti Girl and Tortilla Sun, both narrators clearly have points of views different from their parents. In both, the narrators oppose their parents for being selfish, choosing their professional careers over their children. They put work above family, neglecting the desires and needs of their daughters, Both daughters are desperately yearning to be close to their parents. In Confetti Girl, the narrator wants her dad to listen to her, while he would rather focus on his teaching profession, In Tortilla Sun, the narrator wants her mom to consider her feelings about a sudden move, while her mom ignores her desires and decides to pursue her own research …show more content…

This opposition adds tension to the story. The fact that Izzy’s mother is going to Costa Rica without her consent makes her upset. The mother plans to send Izzy away with her grandma for the time she will be gone. While Izzy is furious about the decision that has been made, the mother does not think it is bad at all. In the text Izzy says “ … what am I going to do for two whole months with someone I haven't seen since I was six?... she's a stranger!(24)” You can clearly illustrate the anger in the way she is speaking. Her mother clearly doesn't seem to care. Izzy and her mother have a big argument. They clearly do not agree. Izzy also says “ ‘Why can't I stay here? Alone.’ My voice quivered.(26)” Since the author used the speaker tag quivered you can tell Izzy is getting more upset by the minute. After Izzy asks the question, the mother responses with “ You’re going to New Mexico and that's final.(28)” The mother answers back with a clear statement. The way she answers shows how different the mother and Izzy view this situation. Izzy’s perspective is terrible. She views her mother going to Costa Rica without her to be a terrible thing. While on the other hand, the mother views it as

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