Tough Guise Analysis

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The Film we watched in class Tough Guise: Crisis in Masculinity, gave me a better idea of how the world and its peoples see these young men behind the mask showing their true colors. Showing their true colors meaning that they aren’t what they seem to be, as soon as the public has brutalized their mind they often set their plan for revenge. Setting their plan for revenge could include anything from the media giving a bad image of things to the students in schools bullying other children and running these young boys life into retaliation. This movie made me feel as if young boys who aren’t raised right or aren’t socially interacted with the other children are usually the ones to become outgoing into committing bad realities. Social interaction a very big part of any…show more content…
Mostly every crime committed is by a man; rarely you will see in some cases their will be a woman for trial or on the face of the news but most 9 out 10 times it will be a man committing the crime. Seeing this harsh reality makes a person think a lot about their surrounding as if “are they ever safe”. These young men who commit these crimes need to realize that what they are doing affects those in the situation and those outside of it as well. The documentary was a very big shocker to me because the point of view that the film was watched gave me a perspective on how children around us at this age and time period can turn into any one of these monsters if given or taught the wrong information. Equality needs to be taught around to children in schools and to people just around them. No one is better or great then the other person and people shouldn’t take advantage of a person who isn’t as normal as can be. Each individual should be seen as an equal no matter what he or she look or act like. Tough Guise: Crisis in Masculinity really shows the audience that there is always a reason for committing behind the
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