The Hunting Ground

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Description of the Media The Hunting Ground is a documentary film that captures students who have been sexually assaulted at their college campus. This documentary specifically focuses on two former University of North Carolina students, Andrea Pino and Annie Clark. They both share the same story of being raped on UNC campus. Throughout this documentary, viewers learn that many sexual assault cases happen on college campuses. However, many of these cases are often ignored by college administrators because universities want to keep rape statistics low and they have an financial incentive to do so. In the film it states that there are less than 8% of men in college that commit more than 90% of sexual assaults. This indicates that because …show more content…

They found Title IX, which is a gender equity law and it guarantees anyone the right to equal education. If rape perpetrators are allowed to continue to go to school, and colleges don't expel them, then both colleges and perpetrators are in violation of Title IX. If universities are in violation of Title IX, the DOE has the right to withdraw federal funding from these schools. Andrea and Annie together file a Title IX complaint to the DOE. They both start to network with other sexual assault victims from different universities and help them file Title IX complaints. These victims started to hold press conferences all across the nation, and more and more coverage are seen on the national news. As a result, many of colleges were put under investigation by the DOE. I thought that this documentary was very inspiring and informative. It made me realize the difficulties that victims of sexual assault have to face. I would always hear stories of how UH does a poor job of informing students about sexual assault cases. But I would have never thought that they go through such extreme cases. People are easily manipulated by authority and the media. And they are often misled into believing something that is false. It's unfair that people who do the wrong things are able to get away with it, but the victims are sprawled out in media and by people as the bad

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