Toulmin Argument Analysis

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The article I found the most interesting and presented a great use of Toulmin argument is Prevalence and Trends of Sever Obesity Among US Children and Adolescents. While not stated in the title the article presents three arguments. One, that the old measure for identifying obesity among children is outdated and inaccurate, Second, that with the new information that obesity among children has increased over the years. Third, that catching sever obesity early is key to catching “cardiovascular risk factors and higher levels of adiposity”. The actual claim was difficult for me to distinguish, First, I considered the objective to contain the claim. Accord to associate professor at pediatric center for diabetes and obesity Dr. Skelton MD, et al, states “To determine the extent to which the 2007 definitions for sever obesity” …”and morbid obesity” …” effects different groups of American children and adolescents and has increased over time.” Or this statement inside the article. “A variety of studies have shown increases in the rates of obesity among children and adolescents.” (322). I going to choose the shorter statement, because it gets to the point. …show more content…

A specific point made by Skelton, et al, in a study including 12,384 children ages 2-19, nearly 16% were obese and 4% are morbidly obese. This data was used to explain the claim when using the number as the representation of the total child population. Taking the representation and comparing it to those who are not obese. The obese had “significantly different mean levels of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and insulin” (325). Risk factors that would be detrimental to long term health if not

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