Toward An Understanding Of The Myth In The Pyramid Text By Jennifer Hellum

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In the article “Toward an Understanding of the Use of the Myth in the Pyramid Texts” by Jennifer Hellum it is argued that the divinity of the pharaoh was a method of reinforcing the claim and right to rule. This article argues that the Pyramid Texts were for the elite to interpret. The article is very helpful in providing context in the creation and mythology of the work. This is needed to compare to the context in the making of the Last Judgment of Hunefer. The thesis of this article is that the mythical stories in the Pyramid Texts use symbolism to communicate complex religious ideas. Hellum argues that the symbols and stories are not meant to be taken at face value but rather, they are a way for explaining vague ideas to the population. A central argument to the article is that myths and symbols within the Pyramid Texts are enlisted to drive home the idea that the pharaoh is a figure of divinity that can communicate and take on the abilities of the gods. The article claims that the godly status of the pharaoh has a direct effect on the context and message of the Pyramid Texts. There is an additional point that the Pharaohs divinity was used to realize political and religious authority in the Old Kingdom period. The article sources the Pyramid Text and other Egyptian texts along with archaeological evidence to back up its positions effectively. …show more content…

The pharaohs are shown just as capable at everything the gods could do. She goes as far to say “The King was myth, as the Gods were myth”. (Hellum 140) The article explains that the interpretations of the myths portray the pharaohs on equal footing with the gods. There is a clear argument that a main factor in the mythology is to serve the elite almost exclusively. While the entire society likely held these beliefs it is clear that the mythology is centered around the pharaohs right to

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