Tracking Information Persuasive Essay

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Persuasive Essay
Nowadays, because of the advances in science and technology, most people live on their internet devices such as smart phones, laptops, tablets, and so on. These internet devices and online services store much of our personal information. But when our important information and services, such as online banking, reside online, it can be very dangerous because others can gain unauthorized access. Even our government tracks our personal information. According to the National Security Agency,“...they have the ability to call up and target every American” (Bostonglobe). Our government should not have access to tracking information through our electronic devices.
Our privacy is very important. The government points out, “National security is more important than our privacy”, but is it really the only way to keep the nation safe from leaking citizens’ personal information? Every individual should have his privacy. In fact, our government runs global surveillance programs not only on the …show more content…

The less personal information have online, the less chance people will be tracked. For example, when we sign up for the membership or information online, we should be careful of the information we need to put online. Do not put the important information such as credit card number, home address, social security number. These information are really easy to be leaked online. As Washington News said “You wake up in the morning and reach for your cell phone to read email messages. You post your day’s plans to Facebook, call a friend, and search for the address of a lunch spot. You drive on streets tracked by security cameras, and your cell phone emits signals providing your location. All of that information, including the credit card payment for the lunch itself, could theoretically be gathered, sorted, and reviewed by the federal government” (Bostonglobe). Not providing personal information online is very

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