Traditional Media And Social Media In The 21st Century

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In 21st Century, traditional media and new media which lie on the same era. Traditional media remains the strengths when social media emerges. Traditional media and social media have different merits and drawbacks so that they are competing in the modern society. Later, traditional media pushed the development of new media at the same time the state of conventional media was threaten, although new media develops rapidly, conventional media cannot be replaced now because of its professionalism and reliability. Before the appearance of social media, traditional media takes a dominant place. Traditional media is mainly sound, images and also includes television, radio, etc., in the past several years as an only media source of information.…show more content…
Firstly, Traditional media have more experience in editing news than social media and their editors, journalists are trained professionally. News and reports disseminated by TV or newspaper are more vivid than short articles or short messages on the social media so that they still can attract many audiences. Investigation shows that half of readers have shared news stories, images or videos and most of them come from traditional media (Anderson, M. & Caumont, A, 2014). Furthermore, the key element for the survival of traditional media is its authority that is brought by professionalism and social responsibility. Recent years, many fake rumors and information invade our personal life through social media. For instance, famous action movie star Jackie Chan has been “passed away’ many times because of fake rumors. And the people who create these rumors did not receive any punishments. It shows that cost for people slander on the social media is very low. On the contrary, traditional media must take their own social responsibility and it is high risk for traditional media to spread the news which cannot be guaranteed whether it is true or not. CNN suffered a great loss and took a lesson because it released the information that the suspects are arrested which was proved it was not true very soon after Boston Marathon bombing. All these factors affect…show more content…
The study shows that more than forty percent of younger adults prefer to get the news from the internet as their overwhelming preference for online news (Sonderman, 2012). For the convenience, social media’s rapid adaption of mobile internet devices and high speed transmitting are factors that affect people choice. Furthermore, the news report finds that the proportion of using Online and Television between lower and upper age groups is extremely opposite as both of the percentage for each is more than fifty in 2015. The age groups especially under 35s usually use the social media as sources of news while the upper age groups that are over 55s choose television instead of social media (Levy et al., 2015). As the elders mainly focus on the reliability and cannot really be familiar with the application of networking rather than convenience. According to this, there is no evidence that conventional media can be replaced of social one. It still is depended by people as source of news and has big effect on changing the preference of people for

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