Transformation Of Jiang Ji-Li: The Cultural Revolution

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Transformation of Jiang Ji-li Money. Friends. Brains. Ji-li had everything, until the Cultural Revolution. In the beginning, Ji-li loved Mao and also loved his ideas for China because he said if they destroyed all of the four olds, then China would reach its full potential. Ji-li even acted as a red guard as well, naming stores or places that had four olds. However throughout the book, Ji-li’s point of view of the cultural revolution changes. Her father is detained, her house gets searched, she is excluded from activities, and she had to choose between her family or Mao. In Ji-li’s memoir she explains about the cultural revolution and about Mao.
One way Ji-li’s point of view of the cultural revolution changed was when she started to be excluded from certain activities and events. In the beginning of the book Ji-li wishes to audition in the liberation army event. When Ji-li tells her parents about the activity her father says with a painful tone “ don’t do the audition.” Ji-li’s father also …show more content…

On page 43 Ji-li questions “ did the teachers really intend to ruin our health and corrupt our minds? If so, why hadn’t I ever notice? Was I so badly taken in that I was unable to see them for what they really were.” Teacher Gu was more of a loving mother to Ji-li and and other teachers that she liked and she couldn’t relate the evil words in the da-zi-bao to her teachers she very much cared about. If a someone that played a big role in your life would be humiliated and embarrassed you would show a little sympathy for them and want to feel like everyone else is saying is false. This is what Ji-li felt in the beginning of writing the

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