Treaty Of Reciprocity 1875 And The Tariff Act Of 1890

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The Kingdom of Hawaii was of great interest to several countries during the early eighteen hundreds. The chain of islands are strategically placed in the Pacific ocean, the land is great for growing many types of crops, and adding more land to territories was of huge importance during this time for many nations looking to expand their power. The possibility of gaining a hold over the the Hawaiian islands was significant to numerous nations such as the United States, Great Britain, and France.
Getting the rights to have a place in the Kingdom of Hawaii was an ongoing race that was won in 1875 with the signing of the Treaty of Reciprocity. The Treaty of Reciprocity of 1875 was an exclusive free trade agreement between the United States and …show more content…

The well tied power players from the United States who were apart of the Hawaii League, were granted access to the Hawaiian Kingdom because of the Treaty of Reciprocity in 1875. With that access they grew their wealth and power with their businesses that included the export of goods that were produced in the Hawaiian Kingdom. Had that access never been made possible, the tools that were developed towards the annexation of Hawaii, may not have matured. The Tariff act of 1890 put more pressure on a subject that was already weighing in on the people who wanted to get rid of the Hawaiian Monarchy. Without that extra pressure the annexation of Hawaii may not have happened so …show more content…

Skipping the high taxes usually placed on foreign products made profits gained by the American business owners who residented in Hawaiian high. Business was good and their revenues were lucertive. The Tariff Act of 1890 put a halt onto the success of the products being sold in the American market, because it add high trade taxes on the products that were marked as foreign and it led to the decline of sales for these products people it became to expensive for people. The economy in Hawaii declined and people were losing money who once had a booming. This threw fuel onto the fire of the growing number of Americans who made their earnings off of Hawaii. At this time more now than ever many wanted Hawaii to become apart of the United States because it would undo the spotulations that the Tariff Act of 1890

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