Truman Attainment Essay

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Truman’s Policy of “Containment” was made in March 1947.Truman’s Policy had economic, cultural, and political aspects. The Political aspect of his policy was the Truman Doctrine which said that the United States of America would support free peoples who are resisting subjugation by armed minorities or by outside forces or pressures. The cultural aspect of this doctrine was the freedom and choice government versus totalitarian and no choice government, so pretty much, you never got to choose anything and you were forced to do the things that the Soviet Union wanted you to do. Then lastly the economic aspect of this doctrine was the Marshall Plan which said that it would prevent countries from falling to communists and it would aid the Americans. The Marshall Plan also gave $17 billion to 16 countries(not the soviet union). Berlin was the first hotspot of the Cold War because after World War II, Berlin was divided into four zones, and it divided capital. The western part of berlin was getting screwed over at this time because of the Berlin Blockade which was an attempt to starve West Berlin into giving up to the communists. This act made West Berlin mad and they had to find an act of revenge so they airlift signalled the West’s determination to …show more content…

It failed because they tried to impose their western culture on the eastern country and culture and you can’t just change everyone's way of living. Vietnam also didn’t have a democracy and that didn’t help their case, they didn’t have one because they didn’t understand how to run it. The public opinion changed everyone’s perspectives of war and made them second guess whether or not they want to go to war and help. The news showed the good, the bad, and pretty much everything about the war. The news also broadcasted so people back home could watch and see the war and what’s going

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