The Importance Of Success In My Life

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"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts Winston Churchill.My life has been defined by the doubt and pain.Growing up, I believed the meaning of life was to feel good about yourself and having people there whenever you need them.While I was maturing I noticed that I'm the one that makes myself happy.I control the things that happen.well most of them.A turning point in my life that really changed me was having my grandmother pass away in front of me. I was 12, didn't know what to say, didn't have anyone to talk to and just zoned out of everything.My grandmother was there whenever I was down, she helped me with the smallest things all the way to the biggest. I trusted her for anything.Her passing away…show more content…
I mainly started playing sports and talking to my family more after her passing away. It helped me overcome the fact that I lost someone very important and I usually put it as I was doing it for here.Everything I did was for her. So I keep that way, anything good I do in life or anything I accomplish I do it for her.It was hard overcoming that but throughout the years I try harder and harder.To be happy you need to find that one thing that sparks your emotion of being happy and to achieve that you need to find people that are always there for you no matter what you go through. Happiness is probably one of the main core values of every human being. Happiness is taught every day and you won't even notice it. Going through a rough day and managing to have a smile on your face is a step closer to happiness. Even dealing with a problem that is trying to drag you down there is always a light at the end which is most likely going to be positive and cheer you up. My anecdotes and things DFW have some similarities to it we both have almost similar ideas of happiness and beliefs. My anecdote was to fulfill the exposure of happiness when you will
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