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In this essay, we will go over the timeline of WWII and the things that occurred while and when WWII was happening. The first thing I will be talking about is the Tuskegee Airmen. The Tuskegee Airmen were the first African American group that fought in WWII, they were bombers and pilots in the war. The reason why the Tuskegee group was so important to WWII was that they were the first african american group to fight in the air for America, the Tuskegee group broke that barrier of African Americans not being able to fly and bomb in war. Not only were the Tuskegee group men but also women were a part of this group. Between 1941-1946 roughly 1,000 African American pilots were trained at a segregated air base in Tuskegee, AL. These men were so …show more content…

The Navajo code talkers are known for their historic deeds, this code is one of the most unbreakable codes, and the most difficult to learn. The code had 411 terms that the Navajos turned in military terms. The Navajo code has not been broken even after the war ended. The Navajo's life before the war consisted of them never leaving their reservation, they were the largest Indian reservation and the most recognized tribe, in the United States. The “code talkers” role in the war required bravery and intelligence, this is because they were to remember and speak the codes. The next topic we will be going through is the 442nd regimental combat unit. This all began when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The Americans were so horrified that they decided to ban all Japanese American citizens from joining the military service, this is when the 442nd Regimental Combat Team began to regain their right to fight for the United States of America. The 442nd Regimental combat team is known for its size and length of service, in the entire history of the United States military. In total 18,000 men served and approximately 800 men died or went …show more content…

After Pearl Harbor was attacked many people became anti-Japanese, and were fearful. This fear led the Roosevelt team to make a policy toward these Japanese Americans. This policy consisted of forcing all Japanese Americans to leave their homes, and belongings and go to camps for most of the war. This policy was against many of the most essential constitutional rights of Japanese Americans. About 1,600 prisoners in these camps died, and many lost their properties and businesses because they were forced to leave. This policy was against the constitution and was not the right way to go about things, especially because they looked at all Japanese as these attackers when they really were in America trying to start a life for themselves and their families. In my last topic, we are going to be going through Women’s roles in the war. The women's role in the war was very important, but many people don’t look and see what women really did. In the war, women provided clothing, food, funds, medical work, safety, knowledge, and a safe and secure country to return to when the military came back home from the war. The women who provided all these things also helped proved gender equality can work in society, and this helped lead women to rights in the United

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