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The Tuskegee Airmen All throughout WW2, there have been countless acts of heroism and fearlessness displayed by soldiers. Simo Hayha, better known as “The White Death”, was a soldier from Finland, defending the Soviet Union. He is widely seen as the most dangerous and skilled sniper to ever live, recording over 500 kills in his military career. General Patton, the U.S commander during WW2, was one of the best war leaders of all time. Patton held a variety of jobs in Hawaii and Washington D.C, and convinced the U.S that they needed a more forceful and threatening striking force. He lead the Allies to victory by invading Sicily and was an essential part of the liberation of Germany from the Nazis. Even women like Irena Sendler had a huge impact in the war. Sendler disguised herself as a nurse in the war and smuggled over 2,500 children out of the warzone and handed them to Polish foster parents. All of these people have made a difference with their courageous acts of heroism, but one group of people changed the history of the world as we know it. The Tuskegee airmen are a group of African American fighter and bomber pilots who were the first ever to complete their training and enter the Army Air Corps (Army Air Forces). Almost 1,000 aviators trained, and became America’s first …show more content…

The Tuskegee Airmen were dedicated and selfless young colored men who were determined to enlist to become America’s first black airmen. At this time in history, many people looked down on color men, believing that they weren’t qualified and that they lacked knowledge, ability, and patriotism. Every member in the squadron had a strong desire to serve, whether the reasoning be personal or more patriotic, they all wanted to serve America to the best of their ability, despite the rule saying that all African Americans weren’t allowed to serve in the

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