Two Theories About The Lindbergh Baby Kidnappinging

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2 Theories About The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping. Taking someone away illegally by force, typically to obtain a ransome. The Lindberghs were a sweet family and everyone loved them, especially after they had their first son, or that 's what everyone thought. The Lindberghs son was kidnapped and killed from their house in New Jersey. The mystery behind the Lindbergh baby kidnapping can be summed up in the theories: it was done by Bruno Hauptmann or Charles Lindbergh helped the kidnapper. Charles Lindbergh was a very famous man, but what happened to his son might’ve just made the family even more popular. Charles A. Lindbergh was the first man to fly across the Atlantic Ocean by himself in 1927. (20th century) He was a very rich and likeable man but on the evening of march 1st 1932, 20 month old charles Lindbergh jr. was taken from the Lindberghs country home in Hopewell New Jersey. (20th century) In place of their baby, charles Lindbergh “and his wife Anne discovered a ransom note demanding $50,000 in their sons empty room.”…show more content…
(Schwarzkopf 4) And on March 12 in a cemetery, Codon, who was the families mediator, met with the kidnapper and gave him the $50,000. In return the kidnapper said the baby would be found on a boat close to Martha’s Vineyard Island, but no boat was found. (Lindbergh Case) Furthermore the family was devastated to find Charles Lindbergh jr. dead on may 12, near the Lindberghs home. Evidence shows that the case of his death was by blunt force. (Lindbergh Kidnapping) The tragedy of Charles jr. not only affected the family but it affected the whole
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