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In Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, the reader is presented with multiple viewpoints. Although it starts from an outside character, the main viewpoint is that of Victor Frankenstein as he presents Walton and in effect the reader of his vile creation and history. This instills the reader with a negative opinion of the monster which is changed when the narrative switches to the monster's account of what happened after his abandonment. The viewpoints the author gives help change the readers opinion about the monster. Our first record of the monster is from Victor Frankenstein, who describes the disgusting amalgamation from such beautiful body parts that now animated are in contrast with each other. When he is finally confronted by the disfigured …show more content…

He clarifies he was not innately evil, but quite the opposite, being a creature who cared for humans and shared similar thoughts and feelings. Being Frankenstein's creation, it treated him as his godly creator believing he "ought to be thy Adam, but [he is] rather the fallen angel" (Shelley 69). The creature tries to ration with Frankenstein by turning his cruel actions onto Victor. Frankenstein's monster tries to show he should have been treated fairly from the beginning, but instead was outcast like Satan. The monster begins to explain the events leading up to his malignant actions, starting with learning from trial and error and observations, until he met the De Lacey family. He observed the son and daughter place "food before the old man when they reserved none for themselves. This trait of kindness moved [the creation] sensibly" (Shelley 78). The monster gets influenced by watching their kindness and compassion and eventually begins stealing their equipment "and brought home firing sufficient for the consumption of several days" (Shelley 78), His actions become very benevolent and generous for the De Lacey family showing his kinder side, before he shows himself to them. When he finally shows them himself, causing them to panic and fear him, leading him to hate humanity more. The perspective given helps the reader understand the monster's

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