Tyson Weller: A Short Story

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In Miami there was a guy named Tyson Weller he had a mahogany skin color, he was in his late 20’s and married to Natasha with seven kids between the ages 2-14, He worked at a construction site on the highway and he had a normal life and normal family. His friend Darrell has a chocolate-brown kind of skin, he was not an upright person he would continuously be in and out of jail, and the only person would bail him out was Tyson.Darrell was the only child in his family with his parents being extremely unfortunate with money and would be on the streets.On the other hand, Tyson Weller had siblings he was the middle child of 4 and his father Jerry who worked at a construction site. Tyson’s mother Lakesia worked as an eye doctor at Eyetrust Vision …show more content…

It all started when as usual Darrell was going into to jail for robbing a house when Tyson got the news that he got put into jail for robbery and he was very furious that he went to the kitchen all frustrated and yelling at his kids for no reason. Natasha told him “if you were that upset you need to cut ties with Darrel before he makes you do something you might regret”.So the next day he went go visit Dade County Corrections Department to visit Darrell to speak to him and ask him “why are you doing all this foolishness” he said trying not to yell at him. Then Darrell said ‘’what foolishness are you talking about?”he said in a confused voice. “What foolishness? ok so all the times you’ve gotten caught by the cops over the years like Grand Theft and hitting your girlfriend!,” he paused for a second. ‘’ You know what I’m done with all your crap” he said in an irritated voice. I’m done bailing you out going to have to find someone else to pay for it because I got kids to feed and bills to pay.” he said trying not to be mean. Darrel just sat there without saying anything in his head he’s like what kind of friend are you. Then he got up and left. “Walk away darrell walk away you little

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