Unit 1 Assignment 1.1 Intrusion Detection System

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With the exponential increase in computer network usage and the increasing number of devices getting connected to a network, it is of great importance that they are operated securely. All computer networks suffers from one of many security flaws, the recent
“Wannacry Ransomware” took cyber security industry by storm. Though there was a fix for that security loophole, organizations were lazy on applying the security patches, this behaviour of the organization can be because of organizational structure, increasing profitability or in some cases the machine is operating a critical infrastructure. Therefore, Intrusion Detection System’s (IDS) role is becoming important in tackling cyber security. Recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence has opened up many …show more content…

Machine learning today is used in Advance Medical Research, Self
Driving Cars, Image Recognition and many more. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are used in classification and this is why it makes machine learning algorithms suitable for anomaly detection in network traffic.
1.1 Intrusion Detection System
Intrusion detection system can be compared with a burglar alarm [3]. For example the alarm system at a house is to protect a house. If somebody who is not authorized to enter the house enters, it is the burglar alarm that detects and informs the owner of the intrusion in the house or if need be it locks the house. Intrusion detection system

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