Unit 13 P2 Business Essay

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Journal In this task In this task we will get into two teams and look into examples of job adverts, job descriptions and job applications and we will compare their best features and then create our own job advert, description and application and we will then give it to the other group and interview them to see if they will meet the criteria that we came up with for our job. We have come up with the idea to create a job advert for a retail assistant in Marks&Spencers My team consists of Ismail Esse - Ismail was in charge of creating the job application. His job was to look at different application forms and compare them then use all the information he found to create his own application for a Marks&Spencers retail assistant job. He has included…show more content…
Roles and responsibilities Our team was responsible for the creation of a full job pack that included the job advert, job description, the job application and the person specification. Each one of us had to focus on different parts of the documents in order to create a quality pack of document that would be given to the other team. Each one of us was responsible for their part of the document to do it to a high standard and not leave it as an early draft and make it look as much as the real thing as it would be possible. Decision making We all made decisions together such as what kind of job we are going to offer and for what company, we discussed different options for different jobs but finally decided to do an advert for a retail assistant as it doesn’t have high education requirements that the other team doesn’t have yet, this also made it easier for us to decide on what kind of responsibilities would be required from someone that doesn’t have a high level of

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