Unit 3 Assignment 1 Macro Virus

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A macro virus is a computer virus that alters or replaces a macro, which is a set of commands used by programs to perform different actions. (http://usa.kaspersky.com/internet-security-center/definitions/macro-virus). These viruses are made in Microsoft word macro. That is the main reason they are called macro viruses. A macro is a series of commands and actions that help to automate some tasks. The main task of these little guys is to mess around with word documents, infect all documents on someone’s computer and send email to anyone in your contacts list and infect them too. The friend or family member will see it was sent from your email address and think, oh it’s an email from “Billy” better open it and see what’s up with him. But when …show more content…

Lets meet the “OSX/Oompa-A” also known as the first mac os virus. On February 16, 2006 SophosLabs had detected and announced that they had founf the first mac os virus. This virus is clever because it runs through the Macintosh iChat instant messaging system it starts by forwarding itself as a LATESTPICS.TGZ file on the contacts of a infected user. When opened it shows a .JPEG file picture which tries to trick the user into believing it’s a legit file. The virus uses the "OOMPA" text as a point in the forks of the infected program which prevents it from infecting the same files. People in the Macintosh community have gone back and fourth about this virus debating if it a virus or a Trojan horse.to give you a idea what a Trojan horse looks like I will give you a example. So my friend Billy has given me a file that says freeavastantiviruskeygen.exe and told me it was a program that he designed himself so that he could give people free premium keys for avast I say ok and open it.nothing happens so I try again same thing nothing happens.my computer starts moving the mouse by its self and all my accounts get locked out. That is what a Trojan is it has key loggers the hacker can move the mouse just like he is in your home and he can do what he want with your computer. Delete files, create them, look through your webcam, steal passwords, and more. OSXLeap-A on the other hand is made for the IChat messaging system and replicates its self and sends its self through the I chat messaging system and tries to get users to open the file up to infect them.so technically this virus would be considered a worm. The reason I say it would be a worm would be because it spreads its self from victim to victim but it also needs someone to open it each time for it to spread even more.(

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