The Undead Changed

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The Undead and Changing with time

The Undead have changed from their original roots as a Haitian Folklore to the creatures known today. Everything about them has changed, from how they are created; from (Voodoo, radiation, rage infection, and virus) to the name (Zombi, Ghouls, Infected, and Walkers). In the original stories, the undead either get shot with guns, hatched to pieces, blown up, or died in a number of creative ways, however, they keep coming back in films and tv, changing as the years move along.
In the early days of the concept of the Undead there were two ways to become a Zombi. The first involved a slave killing themselves to escape from bondage. He/She would then become trapped in their dead body to wander the sugar fields …show more content…

The change may have come from people growing bored with the slowness of the Ghouls. The film is the first to have the protagonist in a coma when the film truly starts, keeping him in the dark on what has happened in the city, along with the audience. However, in the film, The Rage virus is tested on chimpanzee’s is highly contagious. The virus is released by a group of Animal Rescuers. The Rescuer opened a cage, freeing a contaminated Chimpanzee, who rushes out of the cage and attacks the closest person to it. Once bitten and scratched by the Chimpanzee, the rescuer was quickly affected by the virus. He/She then turned and attacks the others in the room, infecting them …show more content…

Symptoms of the virus included, blood coming from their eyes, ears, and vomiting blood as the virus took over their body. Once a person was fully infected with the rage virus, they became more aggressive and violent. They would attack anyone that was not already infected. The Infected are not true ghouls or Zombie since they don’t die when they get the virus. However, they may as well be dead since they stop caring about themselves and things like eating and drinking. The infected have no interest in eating human flesh, instead, they need to turn people by vomiting their blood onto an uninfected person. Other ways of infecting someone include getting their saliva on them, scratching them or biting them.
The Infected are also intelligent, like the ghouls in The Night of the Living Dead, they move around obstacles in their way and will go after anything that makes noise or bright lights. The infected also have a strong sense of smell and can be taken down with a bullet to the head. The Infected don’t try to protect their bodies from harm, unlike the Ghouls in The Night of the Living Dead. Zombies have remained on the big screen, but weren’t until 2010 did they stumbled on to

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