Red Fever Dialectical Journal Analysis

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What would you do if your town started to come down with a fever that no one knew what it was? The reasons why I think that the author used “all was not right” for this chapter is because they knew something was going around and that they did not know what was going on. One reason I think that he used that is because people was getting sick and dying everyday and that they didn’t know what was going on so that they called in a better Dr. not saying that the Dr.’s that they had was not good but he had more practice than what they did. Another thing is that people’s systems was getting worse and they did not know who to stop it and they tried everything that they could. They don 't know what 's causing it but when the people get whatever is going around they start to get a fever, shake, their eyes and body starts to turn yellow, and then they start coughing up blood and then the blood sooner than later turns into and black choky stuff. …show more content…

A little bit later the Dr. that they called in said that he has a theory that it could be yellow fever it’s a disease that could kill you. They don’t know if it’s that or not so they are not going to tell anyone till they know what it is because they don’t want to put panice to the city if it’s

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