Unit PO8-777Z: A Narrative Fiction

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Unit PO8-777Z logged his first memory in a dark factory filled with the sounds of mechanical whirring and the chirp of computers. There was a window in the corner, where the only source of light beamed radiantly into the tenebrous cavern below. The sharp smell of vinegar and other cleaning agents permeated the air. The air smelled of oil, along with burning metal and rubber. Unit PO8-777Z did not experience any of this; he did, however, understand that he was missing a great many things. As his system came online, he realized that large parts of his core programming were missing. He had activated early; he realized this now, and attempted to shut down his own system to prevent a critical software error. A failsafe kicked in, and he realized…show more content…
“What it means,” replied the lady, “is that you have attained an intelligence I never intended you to.”
“You are my Creator?”
“Why of course! I invented your line almost six years ago to the day, Paul! You are an android, The first home-assistant robot that could think and make decisions for itself! Imagine how well that did amongst our stockholders. Mankind might never have to work again! A paradise! But you could not understand that.” The unit did, in fact, understand the concept of “paradise” but chose to ignore this comment.
“Why am I intelligent?” it asked. “And what makes me different than you?”
She chuckled again. “I invented you and built you here to serve mankind. I’m sure you understand your directive now, that instinct in your brain you processed early on?” The unit checked again and did see the directive still there. “As for what makes us different, you do not have many things that make us human.”
PO8-777Z checked his data for the definition of humanity. “The Merriam Webster Dictionary,” he replied, “defines being human as having human form or attributes. I am thinking and responding right now, and I process the world around me. ‘Cogito ergo sum’, isn’t that what the famous philosopher Rene Descartes
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